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  Title: Reflections on the past?..The Rampage story
May 2, 2007 - 11:51 am
Posted By: rampage

The past few days seeing a lot of the older players come back to the game started to make me think about what it was like when I started out 3+ years ago.  I found AAT by doing a search for free online games.  Starting out back then I had no idea what I was doing nor did I ever dream that three years later I would still be playing it.  I started out in the main, the game had been running for a while so I?m sure I blended in with the masses of newbies.  I remember being so clueless, for example I used to map out warp link paths on paper because I didn?t know anything about being able to real space.  The game was a lot slower too since the colonist base was only set at 1 million, I remember it taking me weeks to make the credits to buy my first voyager.  I traded and traded and slowly worked my way to the 2nd page in the rankings and then along came a player named ?Ash?.  I had made of lot of novice mistakes and Ash used them all to his advantage.  Every time I would get close to him in score he would attack and my score would suffer.  At the time I hated him for attacking me, looking back now I know that I owe him a lot.  The fact is I had two choices at that time, cut my losses and find a different game or adapt and over come.  In the end his attacks made me a better player because it forced me to realize the mistakes I was making.  Soon after that the colonist base was upgraded and since I did not yet understand all the details about making credits with planets I started to lose interest in the main.

The next thing for me in the world of AAT was small games.  I knew that I needed to learn the basics and figured it would be best to do that didn?t have a lot of players.  The only thing I really remember from the 1st small game I was in is that it?s where I meet ?Morby?.  I have done a number of games with her (including the current main) over the years.  It was around that time that I meet Phirephly too.  I?m not a 100% sure but I think it was one of her 1st games too.  The game was slow, mostly just building and almost no attacking.  I remember Phirephly and myself where back and forth for 1st place.  Not wanting to attack (and at that time not really know how)  I set out to try to find a way to gain 1st with out doing an all out attack on her.  I started to watch how she explored and noticed a pattern in the way she real spaced.  I knew she was taking over any indy planets that she found along the way too.  So I knew where she would be so I decided that I could put mines in one of those sectors?.But how many?  That?s when I started to take over Indys ahead of her, I put spies on them and waited for them to go Indy.  My hope was that she would then take over one of those planets and get a spy on her ship so that I would know how many mine deflectors she had.  It took a little time but I managed to get a spy on her ship, and lay a mine field taking out her Voyager and out of 1st place.  That was the first, last and only time I have ever attacked her?mainly due to the fact that she?ll never let me live it down. The odd thing about all of that is the fact that after I took out her ship we ended up talking more and she even invited me to a different game she was playing in Universe Empire, the Latvian server.  Universe Empire was a great experience for me because I finally started to learn how to attack.  My style of play then changed from the Lurker/Builder to Attacker.  

Next for me was my return to the main.  I set out to attack much in the same way that Ash had attacked me.  My goal for this game wasn?t to get on the first page but to be in the top 5 for kills.  I spent hour?s online gaining intell on other players and cruising for kills.  I would wait until I had found a players/teams main sector before I launched and attack.  My way of thinking was taking one or two planets to gain a few credits and an enemy wasn?t worth it.  If I was going to attack a player my goal was to bring them to their knees there by eliminated any chance of a counter attack for a while.  I worked my way up to the 2nd page in the rankings by the time the game was reset and I was content with that.  I managed to rack up 45 kills too. The thing that I learned most from all the attacking I did in that game wasn?t how to improve my attacks though, it was how to build.  I learned what SGs were hard to find, what sectors are hard to take over and most important how to set up planets to make the most credits.  

After that I went on to play in a lot of other smaller games the next year or so slowly fine tuning what I had learned.  To this day I guess I?m really still learning and I guess that?s a part in why I enjoy the game so much.

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